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Mobilebarn uses only premium quality parts. We provide a 6 month warranty for screen replacement and a 1 year warranty for all battery replacements. We provide transparent pricing on our website, you can get your repair prices by stating the model of your device and the issue you are facing, and a price quote will be generated automatically.

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Buy, Sell, Trade

Don’t want to fix your phone? Just want the latest gadget?

We have many options to get you going again. Just because you signed a service contract with your phone carrier doesn’t mean you have to keep a phone that you’re no longer happy with.

  • We will give you cash for your used or broken device.
  • We will come to you to collect your device & pass you cash.
  • Sit back & relax. Enjoy our service at your convenience.

Most Common Phone Problems

Our customers often have problems with such breakdowns

Water Damage

Dropping a phone in a toilet, sink, or bathtub is an accident that owners hope they will never experience themselves. A moment of carelessness does result in a damaged smartphone that needs professional repair or replacement. Water that seeps into the inner circuitry can render an iPhone useless leaving the owner without a phone until a replacement is obtained.

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Connectivity Problems

Inability to pick up any wireless Internet is an additional cause for repair. This problem often stems from firmware errors or similar issues with the operating system. Related phone problems include apps that do not download or install correctly.

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Battery Malfunction

Battery issues are a common thing in todays world. It seems more and more we are seeing bloating of batteries resulting in broken screens and poor battery life or even worse an explosion. The first signs of a bloated battery will be visible with a lifted screen.

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