Why We're Excited for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Why We're Excited for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Why We're Excited for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

There’s nothing like upgrading your smartphone to one that’s bigger, better and hotter. For the sake of Samsung, we hope the new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is bigger and better, but not hotter.

We all remember the Samsung Note 7, which was literally so hot, it spontaneously combusted into flames. Even with this misfortune, it’s still expected that the Samsung Galaxy S8+ will sell 27.1 million units (more than the Galaxy S8).

But what makes one better than the other? It’s all in the details. For starters, the Galaxy 8+ is bigger. And a lot of folks like the idea of having a “mini-tablets” for gaming, movie watching, and internet browsing.

If you’re thinking about getting one yourself, continue reading to see if the Galaxy S8+ is worth paying $850.

Sleek Body and Beautiful Display

What’s there not to love about the slick rounded edges of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus? They’re gorgeous to look at, which is no surprise with the Samsung brand. The body is made of metal and glass and is sleeker than the Galaxy Note 7.

The rounded Infinity Display boasts 6.2 inches. It’s all screen (just about), so prepare for a thumb workout. You may also like how the phone fits snugly in your hand. It has a long narrow body, similar to LG’s G6.

One issue is the backside is made of glass, so they can be a bit slippery on certain surfaces.

It comes with an 8-megapixel camera, as well as an iris scanner for quick unlocking. If you don’t want to use this feature, you can still punch in your PIN code.

Some complain the eye scanner alignment can be frustrating. The fingerprint sensor isn’t easy to spot, which can also make it annoying to use.

Don’t forget to check out the new button on the left side below the volume keys. This is Bixby – Samsung’s virtual assistant. It’s not fully functional yet, but you can currently use it to look up appointments, news, and other things.

So far, there are no remapping features for the Bixyby key, which is a bummer.

But Is it Any Good for Movies and Games?

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is amazing. The color is vibrant and you can select from various screen modes. This way, you can adjust the screen to display better in certain lighting.

The screen has an 18.5:9 aspect ratio, compared to the 16:9 screen most phones come with. Viewing multiple screens at once is much easier because of this.

The resolution of the screen is also full HD at 2960x1440. By default, it plays at 1080p, but you can switch this in the settings. Turning down the resolution to 720p can help save your battery life.

The Galaxy S8 Plus brings back the always-on display. Instead of the typical calendars and clocks, you can add images, which can be viewed without unlocking your phone. As for the battery life, there’s no real impact.

The loud, but thin sound from the S8 Plus is enough for listening to podcasts, YouTube videos and the like. Or you can opt for the AKG earbuds that are included with the phone.

Tell Me More About Bixby

Although Bixby isn’t fully deployed yet, the feature is on the phone. Once it’s ready, you’ll be able to use voice search to ask questions and search for nearby businesses. Since it isn’t functional, you can use Google’s preloaded Assistant for now.

According to Samsung, you’ll also be able to control your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus using your voice. And you’ll be able to do it just as well as using your finger or thumb.

To date, neither Google Assistant nor Siri offer this type of precision. While we’re waiting around for this cool new feature, we can enjoy others.

For instance, you can use the Bixby Home panel to view local weather, calendar appointments, reminders, daily activities and Flipboard news.

So far, there are only a couple of third-party apps that work with Bixby Home. This includes Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, CNN, Giphy, and Foursquare. This makes it an excellent alternative to Google Now.

Another feature it offers is Bixby Vision. While it’s a cool concept, it still needs work. The idea was to allow you to use your camera to take snapshots of a product and shop for it online. However, it’s not so great with identifying brands or makes.

It does pick up on clearly labeled products pretty well. For example, certain popular snacks and juices. There are other ways you can use Bixby Vision. Since it teamed up with Vivino, you can use your camera to look up ratings and reviews for different bottles of wine.

You can even search on Pinterest for pictures similar to yours. So if you’re looking for artwork or certain home décor, then you may find this enticing.

So How’s the Performance and Battery Life?

The specs under the hood are quite impressive. It comes with 4GB of RAM and Snapdragon 835, which makes this a fast and efficient device.

Bixby is known to operate a little slow, but you can swipe through the interface and jump app to app with no problem. Playing games, surfing the net and talking to friends all at once is a breeze.

As for the battery life, a single charge can give you up to two full days. That’s even with the phone on max resolution. Turn it down a notch and surely you’ll get even more battery juice.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Worth It?

That’s for you to decide. But if you ask the 27+ million people who are expected to buy it, it’s a great investment. You can’t beat a phone with a large crisp display, sleek body and awesome battery life.

The features are just as great as any other phone. And once Bixby is fully available (and works perfectly), the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will make it to the top of the line.

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